Living Well Services

St Mary’s Living Well Centre in Barrow

The St Mary’s Living Well Centre in Barrow is designed to give people living with long term illnesses a place to go where they can focus on learning how to stay independent and keep themselves as well as possible. Our Living Well Centre is at 299-301 Duke Street Barrow LA14 5UL.

The Living Well Team:

We have a team of therapists, nurses and health care assistants who provide a range of group and individual therapies for people living with long-term conditions that impact on their lives. These are provided in our Living Well Centre in Barrow, as well as at the hospice in Ulverston and within the home setting. The team are skilled at adapting therapeutic techniques and approaches to meet the needs of individuals.

Who is the service for?

St Mary’s Living Well Services are for people living with any illness which impacts negatively on their life and may shorten it. This includes lung, heart or neurological illness or cancer. Family carers can also find it useful to attend these services.

What can the service do?

Living with illness can be hard. There are different ways people find to manage illness. Some find it helps to talk with those with similar problems, learning together how to manage. Many find staying active through exercise and other activity helps. Having fun with others can also take your mind from your illness.

Our experience is that we can learn how to influence our health and improve our wellbeing.

It’s all about enabling you to enjoy life – understand yourself better, connect with other people and feel the benefit of kindness, friendship, support and having a good laugh.

St Mary’s Living Well Services come in different forms depending on the needs of the individual. Once you are referred to us we will work with you to identify your needs and find the part of the service that works best for you.

Do I Need to Pay for Living Well Services:

The Living Services are delivered at no cost to the people attending them. However, donations are always very welcome.

The Living Well Programme:

In the Living Well Programme, groups of patients and their carers come together for one afternoon a week for 6 sessions to learn practical tools and techniques to help them cope with illness and enhance their wellbeing. The sessions bring together people facing similar challenges in a very practical programme and they are invited to experience a range of breathing and relaxation techniques, adapted tai chi and seated exercise and other skills that can help support health and wellness.

Throughout the year we deliver Living Well Programmes in a variety of venues in the South Lakes and Furness area.

Living Well Complementary Therapies:

The Living Well Complementary Therapies we offer include aromatherapy, body massage, reflexology, therapeutic massage and relaxation. These services are available for patients and carers in 6 week courses, and can be delivered in the home setting if you are not well enough to travel to a therapy site at Barrow or Ulverston.

Living Well Groups:

Our Move More and Relax group offers gentle chair based exercise using adapted techniques to meet individual needs.

Mindful Movement and Adapted Tai Chi classes are available in six week programmes which maybe done seated, standing or floor based.

Living Well – Feeling Good Afternoons – reduce fatigue and feel more energised by spending various afternoons discussing and using practical tips on how to sleep better, how to eat well to feel better, how to rest your mind and relax and how to exercise to feel good.

Living Well Afternoon is a friendly group for those people who are more restricted due to their illness to come together at intervals to spend an afternoon socialising and having fun. During the afternoon you can also see one of our specialist nurses or doctors if there are problems they may be able to help with. On other weeks you might link up with a volunteer to have a visit at home.

Don’t just take our word for it – listen to those who have used the services!

“My confidence has increased by taking the step to meet new people. My health has improved a great deal… By following the routine of relaxing I find it easier to look after myself – cooking meals, washing, cleaning. I no longer have carers to help. My mood has changed and I understand myself better and can support and help those around me. I look forward to my visits.”

“It helps to slow my mind down, it can feel like a washing machine at times. I always feel so much better when I’ve been. Caroline has the heartiest laugh! It’s lovely to hear.”

“When Tai Chi started I was very sceptical. We were hardly moving. Then I realised I could move my shoulders and breath better. I’ve gone down a dress size, lost weight, my backs better. I’d recommend it to everyone. I’ve shared what I’ve learnt to help my family too.”

“I have nothing but praise it makes us laugh! I notice a difference all the class – we’re all smiling and with our heads up.”

How can I attend one of the Living Well Activities?

If you could benefit from this or know someone who could please get in touch on 01229 580305, or speak to your Consultant, GP or Specialist Nurse and ask them to refer you to the St Mary’s Living Well Team.

Special thanks to Ørsted  for their support in funding delivery of our Living Well Programme and Retreat Days.