Community Neighbours

Community Neighbours provides social and emotional support to clients living with an advancing life limiting illness. Our Community Neighbour Volunteers visit clients within their own home who may have become more isolated due to their advancing condition and no longer be able to go out by themselves. Their illness can takeover leaving them a sense of loneliness and loss of control. Most of their visitors will be looking after their medical and care needs.

Their network of family and friends may be limited so a community neighbour can become that social visitor especially for them.

The Community Neighbours can visit clients each week for 1-2 hours although this can vary depending on what each Volunteer is able to offer, providing a friendly face and a helping hand;

  • having a chat over a cup of tea
  • reminiscing, reading a book, playing board games or jigsaws
  • helping with tasks that possibly are becoming more difficult to do,
  • supporting the client to go out for coffee, a small shopping trip, a drive out in the car
  • Just a listening ear

Having a visit just once a week could make such a difference. Many of our clients have said at first they felt a little nervous meeting someone new, but after a couple of visits they wouldn’t be without their Community Neighbour.

Ray one of our Community Neighbour Volunteers says;

“Being a neighbour for me is all about being able to help. I get a lot of satisfaction watching my client engage with others again and enjoy access to a world he thought had passed beyond his ability to reach”

The Community Neighbours and Clients are supported by the Community Neighbours Coordinator throughout.

Community Neighbours do not provide medical or personal care.

Would you or someone you know benefit from having a Community Neighbour?

A “Friendly Face” or a “Helping Hand” could be what’s needed.

Referral to the Community Neighbours Service is simple,

A referral can be made by any health professional, family member/ carer or yourself by contacting our Community Neighbours Coordinator directly on 01229 580305, or via email at

Could you be our next Community Neighbour?

Have you got a couple of hours a week you could spend doing something really worthwhile?

Do you enjoy meeting people, being sociable and helping people?

Then follow the link to visit our Volunteering opportunities.

Community Neighbours do not help with any medical or personal care